COVID Dashboard

Monitoring COVID-19 on Campus

The campus monitoring and surveillance phase of UF Health Screen, Test & Protect began on August 31, the first day of the Fall 2020 semester. These data represent staff, faculty, students and other UF-related individuals (with and without symptoms) tested at various campus locations, including the Student Health Care Center.


Affiliate and Contact Tracing

Please note: There can be a delay of up to 10 days in receiving reports from all labs state wide. The most recent 10 days in the graph reflect test results received to date. Data from new tests are added as results are received.

UF Affiliates include staff, faculty, students and other UF-related people who test positive for COVID-19. These results reflect testing done on campus and through external labs.

By law, doctors and labs must report positive cases to public health authorities. In Florida, this means the Florida Department of Health, which shares these reports with us. We use this information as one way of identifying affiliates and their contacts.

The Department of Health does not report negative COVID-19 results to us. This means we can’t calculate a positivity rate for UF Affiliates. The positivity numbers we list on this page are based on our on-campus testing efforts.

COVID-19 results in UF Affiliates by Person Type from March 18, 2020 through December 31, 2021

Person Type # Positive
UF Employee 2,697
UF Student 9,332
Employee of UF Affiliate Organization 2,486
Unknown * 7
TOTAL 14,522

Isolation or Quarantine of UF Affiliates

person type currently in isolation or quarantined
UF Employee 138
UF Student 515
Employee of UF Affiliate Organization 185
Unknown * 7

Updated: 12/31/2021
*Unknown: Some reported records have a UFID, but the available data does not indicate a person type. The person could have recently left UF or provided an inaccurate UFID.


Privacy laws prohibit us from sharing COVID-19 status unless a person allows us to do so. Anyone who tests positive will be isolated, and anyone believed to be at risk of exposure will be contacted and asked to self-quarantine. If a person fails to disclose to the university that they tested positive, we may have no way of knowing; our dashboard includes only positive cases the university has been made aware of.