Talking to your friends and family Let science — and your heart — be your guide.

For some people, COVID-19 can be mild. However, it can cause serious complications or death for others — including healthy people. Vaccines play an important role in helping to prevent or reduce the effects of COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness. Prevention is key to helping end the pandemic. Experts say that 75% to 85% of the population needs to get vaccinated to achieve community immunity.

The Facts about COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

Talking About COVID-19

Want to talk to your peers, family or friends about the vaccine but don’t know where to begin? Learn tips for how to get the conversation started and make it productive and respectful.

A young Black man talks to a woman at an outdoor table. He is wearing a cloth mask.

Getting a COVID-19 VACCINE

COVID-19 Vaccination Locations

Vaccine Availability

Find out where you can schedule to receive a vaccination in our community, or sign up for waitlists for when vaccines are made available to new priority groups.

A male health care worker wearing a mask discusses the vaccination with an older woman sitting next to her walker.

Community Champions

Why I got the vaccine

Let science — and your heart — be your guide.

Hear from your neighbors and fellow Gainesville residents about why they chose to get a COVID-19 vaccine.


Become a Vaccine Champion

Want to share the good news about your COVID-19 vaccination? Posting your CDC vaccination card online might lead to misuse of your personal information, but you can still share your experience on social media. Consider using one of these graphics to share how you #ChompOutCOVID!

A graphic of a Black woman jumping in the air next to the words "I got my COVID-19 vaccine."

Resources for Community Partners