Vaccine Availability

Ben Bato, a clinical pharmacist from UF Health Jacksonville's 7N nursing unit (COVID-19 Cohort) receives one of the Southeast's first COVID-19 vaccines. December 14, 2020
Ben Bato, a clinical pharmacist from UF Health Jacksonville’s 7N nursing unit (COVID-19 Cohort) receives one of the Southeast’s first COVID-19 vaccines (December 14, 2020)

UF Health is receiving periodic shipments of vaccine doses. We are administering the vaccine for free to UF Health faculty and staff based on the criteria the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, established, offering the vaccine first to a priority group of our front-line health care workers and those working in high-risk areas where they are most likely to encounter an exposure.

In Florida, UF Health Jacksonville was one of five hospitals that received the first distribution of the vaccine. Many factors were reviewed when determining which hospitals were selected, including storage capabilities and city population. UF Health Jacksonville also worked to coordinate distribution of those initial doses to other health care facilities in Jacksonville, along with our health campuses in Gainesville and Central Florida. This is an incredible example of the power of One UF and One UF Health at work.

At the same time, state officials are designating some shipments to long-term care facilities, whose residents are among those at highest risk for serious or even deadly complications of COVID-19.

Which vaccines will UF Health receive and how many doses will it receive?

We are receiving shipments of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Vaccine quantities in these shipments are determined by the state.

Who can receive the vaccine?

UF Health will follow state recommendations for prioritization of vaccine administration, based on:

  • Available quantities
  • Risk factors for specific populations
  • Advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Advice from other health care experts

Because initial supplies of the vaccine will be limited, it will be given in phases based on priority groups, starting with employees who provide direct care to COVID-19 patients.

UF Health Faculty & Staff

For information on vaccine distribution for UF Health clinical faculty and staff, please visit the Emerging Issues section of the UF Health Bridge. Please select the appropriate button below to visit:

Will UF Health provide the vaccine to University of Florida students, faculty and staff?

Currently, vaccinations are beginning for UF Faculty and Staff age 65 and over. Please visit our 65+ Faculty and Staff page for additional information. As vaccine deployment proceeds into the next phases, UF Health, in coordination with UF, will provide vaccination to all students, faculty and staff.

Which UF Health patients will be eligible to receive the vaccine when it is available?

UF Health patients ages 65 and over who are residents of Alachua County and have accessed the health system within the past 3 years (**UPDATED 1/15/2021**) and are users of our active in MyChart/MyUFHealth electronic medical records are expected to begin receiving notices through their online MyUFHealth accounts offering appointments for vaccinations (learn more here)

UF Health will follow the state’s and CDC’s recommendations for prioritization of vaccine administration, which will be based on vaccine supply and other factors. The vaccine will be given in phases, with our staff receiving it first. We expect we will eventually vaccinate residents in communities across the state.

UF Health patients will be notified via MyChart and their physician’s office when vaccines are available, along with information on how to schedule appointments if they would like to be vaccinated.

Will UF Health offer the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone in the community who is not a UF Health patient?

Our goal is to offer the vaccine to anyone who wants to be vaccinated once there is a sufficient supply. 

Is UF Health providing doses to other hospitals?

UF Health in Jacksonville received the initial allocation of Pfizer vaccines and has supplied vaccines to our hospitals, as well as to other hospitals in the Jacksonville community. Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine among local hospitals and health care systems is determined by the state.