Diabetes Resource Guide


Minimize risk of transmission

Illness and infection complicate diabetes management. Healthcare providers (HCPs) should encourage people with diabetes to follow CDC recommendations for preventing transmission of the virus.

Prepare for “sick day”management

HCPs can help people with diabetes prepare for the possibility of infection by creating “sick day” management plans and ensuring patients have adequate (14-30 days) supplies of insulin and medications, blood glucose testing strips, ketone test strips, glucagon, and sugary and non-sugary foods and drinks.

Remote Monitoring

Take advantage of expansion of telehealth services with 1135 waiver to schedule follow-up phone calls or virtual visits with patients with diabetes in place of non-essential in-person clinic visits.


State of emergency declaration lifted prescription refill restrictions; patients may get early 30-day supply refills of certain medications and also up to 90 day supply medications. For high risk patients (advanced age, other comorbidities) may consider home delivery of medications to minimize exposure risk.

General Diabetes Resources

COVID-19 and Diabetes

Social and Behavioral Health for Responders

Sick Day Management Planning

Insulin and Diabetes Supply

Social and Behavioral Health for Children/Parents

Type 1 Diabetes Resources


If you have any questions on resources please contact one of the following University of Florida Project ECHO Diabetes Hub team members:

  • ECHO Diabetes Project Director
    Ashby Walker, PhD
    Phone: (352) 273-8278
    Email: afwalker@ufl.edu
  • ECHO Diabetes Clinic Manager
    Eleni Sheehan, APRN
    Phone: (352) 294-8302
    Email: elenip@ufl.edu