Screen, Test & Protect

While all students are expected to eventually be screened as a part of our measured initiative to reopen campus, focus will be placed on students currently living on campus and having those students most involved with clinical and research activities return first.

This will include the prioritization of students from the health colleges (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Health Professions, and Veterinary Medicine) who perform duties in clinical settings, and graduate students with responsibilities in research labs and other areas of our research enterprise.

  • The timing of when screening is available and when you will return to campus is still being developed. Currently, the university plans to announce in mid-July what the fall semester will look like.  
  • Students who are currently living on campus (students who were not able to leave during the quarantine period) must also get screened.
  • Testing must be done at one of our testing locations; please bring your Gator 1 card and insurance information to your appointment.
  • You may not be tested at another clinic or practice and bring those results as proof of testing.
  • Testing will be performed once, unless your result comes back positive.
  • Students will not be allowed to move back onto on campus until they have been screened and approved.
  • Your parents or guardians will not need to be tested to help you during campus move-in.
  • Mandatory testing may be required for:
    • Students arriving from geographically- defined “hotspots”
    • Students working in clinical or research settings involving contact with patients and / or human subjects
    • Athletes and other groups who cannot reliably either wear a face mask/cloth face covering or physically distance in their day-to-day activities.

If your test result is positive

  • If you are a student and test positive, you will also receive a follow-up from Student Affairs to help support your specific questions and needs.
  • If someone tests positive and you have had close contact with them, you will need to self-quarantine. You are not permitted to self-quarantine in the residence halls. Please contact the UF Division of Student Affairs for additional information.

Screen, Test & Protect

Common Questions

Questions and answers about UF Health Screen, Test & Protect and how it works.