Student Isolation and Self-Quarantine
Common Questions and What to Expect

What Is Isolation and Self-Quarantine

    Contact tracing is the process of identifying people with whom an infectious case came in close contact with. This process works by interrupting disease spread. If someone tests positive and a student has had direct contact with them, the student will receive a call or email from UF Health Screen, Test & Protect and will be told whether to self-quarantine.
    Isolation separates people with symptoms of COVID-19 or those who have tested positive from others. Individuals should stay home and away from others who share their residence.
    Self-quarantine separates people who do not have symptoms but were in close contact with someone who tested positive, to monitor whether they become symptomatic. A person can be contagious before symptoms begin to prevent the virus from spreading.

Being placed in quarantine or isolation

How will I find out if I need to isolate or quarantine?

Students who test positive for COVID-19 will need to isolate. If you test positive through UF Health Screen, Test & Protect or the UF Student Health Care Center, our contract tracing team will call you to:

  • Initiate the isolation process.
  • Learn more about who you have been in close contact with recently. It is imperative to the health of our community that you provide information to the contact tracers.

If you get tested elsewhere and test positive, you should contact UF Health Screen, Test & Protect at 352-273-9790, so you can receive care and initiate the contact tracing process.

If you have been in close contact with someone who tests positive, log onto ONE.UF and report your exposure and schedule a test. If you are fully vaccinated, you will not have to quarantine unless you are experiencing symptoms.

  • If a student is fully vaccinated with no symptoms following exposure
    Students who are fully vaccinated and not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will not have to quarantine and may continue normal campus activities while monitoring for potential symptoms. They may remain in their on-campus housing assignment.
  • If a student is fully vaccinated with symptoms
    While the risk is low, students who are fully vaccinated but are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should isolate themselves in an off-campus location and complete the screening questionnaire through ONE.UF to schedule a test or call UF Health Screen Test & Protect for further guidance at 352-273-9790. If the test result is positive, students must remain off campus until they have been cleared to return.
  • If a student is not vaccinated or fully vaccinated
    Students who are not fully vaccinated or are unvaccinated and come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should answer the screening questionnaire through ONE.UF to schedule a test or call UF Health Screen Test & Protect for further guidance at 352-273-9790. Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated students who are experiencing symptoms for COVID-19 should also answer the screening questionnaire through ONE.UF to schedule a test or call UF Health Screen Test & Protect for further guidance at 352-273-9790.

Will I know if someone tests positive in my residence hall?

If someone tests positive on your residence hall floor, you will only be asked to quarantine if you have had close contact with the individual who tested positive and are unvaccinated.

If I test positive, will I face disciplinary action?

No. Testing positive is not a conduct violation.

Will I get in trouble or others in trouble by what I tell contact tracing?

Information gathered through contract tracing is not shared with the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

If I’m isolated or quarantined, will I still be able to participate in classes and stay on track with my academic progress?

Just like any other illness, if you have to isolate or quarantine you should contact your professors and make arrangements to stay on-track with assignments. You will receive an email approximately four hours after your status changes to “not cleared for campus” with additional instructions.

Should you experience circumstances that impact your ability to attend class virtually or complete assignments, please complete use the following link to submit an Instructor Notification Request. Instructor Notifications are not an official excuse to miss class, but they do provide communications to faculty on a student’s behalf to request that the instructor work with the student to complete missed coursework/exams when appropriate.

Seeking Medical Care

If I get COVID-19 and end up with more serious symptoms, am I on my own to get help/seek medical care? 

This is a partnership. We need you to monitor how you are feeling and seek help if your symptoms become serious. Any individuals who would like to speak to a medical professional should contact the Student Health Care Center at (352) 392-1161 to discuss symptoms with a nurse or medical provider before your visit to ensure proper protective measures are taken to prevent further risk of spread to others.