Patients and Campus Visitors
Screen, Test & Protect

Vendors, parents and other visitors to our campus do not need to be tested when entering the campus, but are required to wear masks in public buildings. All UF Health patients are screened upon entering the hospital or outpatient practices and will have to follow current visitation guidelines.

General Campus Visitors

UF Health Patients

UF Health patients will not be tested, but they will be screened for symptoms and will have to follow current visitation guidelines, including screening and wearing a mask.

UF Health patients

Scheduled appointments and E.R. visits

Patients with appointments at UF Health hospitals and practices, or those who visit the emergency room, are not necessarily tested, but are screened for symptoms and must follow current visitation guidelines, including wearing masks. Patients admitted or transferred to the hospital are required to be tested at UF Health as part of the admission process.

UF Health Patients

Patient Safety Measures

At UF Health, we have taken many steps to safeguard the health of our patients, visitors and caregivers throughout our hospitals and emergency rooms in Gainesville.

UF Health Vendors and Contractors

All vendors and contractors are required to complete a health attestation via the RepTrax system. You are required to attest to the fact you are not sick, have not come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, and have not traveled to CDC-advised areas or a cruise.


Who can provide an interview about UF Health Screen, Test & Protect

Please contact UF Health Communications media relations coordinator Ken Garcia, 352-273-9799, or University of Florida AVP for Communications Steve Orlando, 352-846-3903.

Screen, test & protect

Common Questions

Questions and answers about UF Health Screen, Test & Protect and how it works.