Ready-To-Go Assets


COVID-19 Vaccines

Information on the COVID-19 vaccines, including addressing common myths about the vaccines, the importance of getting vaccinated, and how to talk to your family and friends about the vaccine.

Portion of the Getting the COVID-19 flier.


Style Guide with Examples

A PDF guide to the campaign colors, fonts, and icons with example print designs.

Screen, Test & Protect


Example of bathroom sticker.

Bathrooms / Handwashing

Caring Office Signage

Caring Spaces

Example of getting tested signage.

COVID-19 – Testing, Exposure, Symptoms

Digital Signage / Screensavers

Distance Dining Example


Library Seating Decal Example

Distance Seating

Example of Enter and Exit Signage

Door Signage

Drinking Fountain Signage Example

Drinking Fountain Signage

Example of Eating Areas Safety sign

Eating Areas

Example of elevator signage.


Please select the sign that fits your elevator’s available physical space.

Email Graphics

Example of Face Covering signage.

Face Coverings

Mask Care

We Wear Masks Here

Remember Your Face Mask

Floor Decal Example

Floor Traffic Decals

Community Garden Safety Signage Example

Garden Safety

What to Expect - Saliva Testing Example

Getting Tested – What to Expect

Restricted Access Signage Example

Healthcare Settings

Healthy Holiday Social Media Example

Holiday Messages

Know Your Risks

Physical Distancing Example

Physical Distancing

Bathrooms – Physical Distancing

Powerpoint Example

Powerpoint Templates

Example of Sanitizer Station signage

Sanitization Stations


Stop the Spread Example

Stop the Spread

Example of sanitizing surfaces signage

Surface Cleaning

Practice Healthy Habits Example

Take Healthy Habits With You

Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Flyer

Vaccine Communications

COVID-19 Vaccine Myth-Busters

Getting a COVID Vaccine Information

Getting COVID Vaccination – Testimonial

Digital and Social Graphics

Canva Templates

Vehicle Use Policy

Design Your Own Asset

For campus communications offices, we have native InDesign and Photoshop files that are available for your use. You will need to request access to these files.

Request an Asset

Together, we can create a campus community of care. If you have suggestions for additional creative assets or extensions to the brand, please contact us.