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Quarantine and Isolation Capacity / New UF-Affiliated Cases By Day

Screen, Test & Protect (Return-To-Campus Initiative) Results

These numbers begin from the formal start of UF Health Screen, Test & Protect, which was May 6, 2020.
Last updated 9/21/2020

Faculty and Staff

12,490 Faculty and Staff Tested (With and Without Symptoms)

47 Faculty and Staff Positive (With and Without Symptoms)

0.38% Percent Positive


14,592 Students Tested (With and Without Symptoms)

650 Students Positive (With and Without Symptoms)

4.45% Percent Positive

Student Health Care Center Numbers

Last updated 9/19/2020

2,063 Students With or Without Symptoms Tested for COVID-19

545 Students With or Without Symptoms Confirmed as Positive

26.4% Percent Positive

Affiliate and Contact Tracing Results

Last updated 9/21/2020

2,418 Cases Identified and Followed Among UF Affiliates

1,901 Contacts of UF Affiliates Identified and Followed

923 UF Affiliates or Contacts of UF Affiliates Currently in Isolation or Quarantine

3,396 UF Affiliates Returned to Campus

These statistics show the results since May 6, 2020 of our efforts to contact trace UF affiliates, which includes staff, faculty, students and other UF-related individuals.

Certain communicable diseases and other conditions of public health importance are reportable. That means that by law, any physician or laboratory that diagnoses someone with a communicable disease has to report it to the health department. We seek to identify and appropriately isolate and quarantine cases and contacts from all possible sources. These include the Florida Department of Health, which shares data for reportable infectious diseases through a system called MERLIN. The positive results obtained as part of the return-to-campus initiative and those obtained at the Student Health Care Center are other measures of the prevalence of COVID-19 on campus.


Employee, student and patient confidentiality laws prohibit us from disclosing the identities of individuals. It’s important to note that any individual who has tested positive will be isolated, and anyone believed to be at risk of exposure will be contacted and asked to self-quarantine. In cases where an employee fails to disclose to the university that they tested positive, the university may have no way of knowing and communicating that information. Therefore, this information includes only positive cases the university has been made aware of.