About the Initiative
Screen, Test & Protect

The University of Florida and UF Health have worked together to facilitate the return of faculty, staff and students to campus and to restore our operations to their fullest potential. This effort is being guided by the world-class physicians and epidemiologists at UF Health, with everyone’s health and safety as our top priority. This is supported by UF Health Screen, Test & Protect, a science- and data-driven program designed to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We understand these are unsettling times and you may have questions, concerns or even some fears as we transition to the next phase of the pandemic. Please know that our approach is based on scientific evidence and modeling that show new infections can be controlled and reduced to manageable levels by expanding screening and testing and then quickly isolating those who are infected by the coronavirus.

UF Health Screen, Test & Protect not only benefits the students, faculty and staff of UF and UF Health, it also provides significant advantages for our greater community. UF is fortunate to have the expertise and capabilities of UF Health faculty, facilities and infrastructure to support this initiative. This allows us to implement a rigorous screen, test, trace and protect program where everyone at UF is able to be tested for a baseline result and again if symptoms and/or an exposure occurs, which has been shown to be the best way to reduce the rate of new cases.

While it is not possible to prevent all cases of COVID-19, UF Health Screen, Test & Protect is designed to slow the spread in order to allow us to protect those most vulnerable and prevent the hospitals and health system from becoming overwhelmed.