Together For Florida

We’re working Together for Florida to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Olivia Taylor

If someone wants to step into the University of Florida Student Health Care Center, they just might have to get by Olivia Taylor. She’s one of UF’s first lines of defense against the novel coronavirus.

Olivia Taylor wearing a gator mask and scrubs.

Dr. Jennifer Hunt

Before COVID-19 exploded across the globe, pathology labs operated largely behind the scenes. But with the arrival of the pandemic, pathology has taken center stage, particularly when it comes to testing.

Dr. Jennifer Hunt waering a pink blouse and a Florida Gator mask.

Lane Washington, Ph.D.

When Lane Washington, Ph.D., arrives at a quarantined University of Florida student’s home with a week’s supply of free groceries, the gratitude is apparent. Students welcome the diverse, nutritious meals but also the fast delivery.

Dr. Lane Washington, wearing a mask and a[ron from Field to Foprk program, bags groceries for quarantined students.

Shakeyla Grimes

The first time she dropped off a University of Florida student at an on-campus residence hall set aside for those who need to be quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic, UF Campus Connector driver Shakeyla Grimes was overcome with emotion.

Shakeyla Grimes, a Black woman, sits in in the driver's seat of a campus shuttle. She is wearing a grey polo and a black protective face mask.

Brian Castanheira

When COVID-19 hit the University of Florida earlier this year, officials scrambled to find alternative ways to handle the hundreds of essential functions that take place each day across the sprawling Gainesville campus. Brian Castanheira, postal services manager for Housing Package Services, sized up the challenge, and quickly arrived at a solution.


Jasper Norwood

Jasper Norwood is the supervisor of a team of 11 custodial workers who scrub and clean the rooms in Riker Hall, a UF residence hall, where students who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus are temporarily quarantined.

Jasper Norwood is a Black man with short cut hair. He stands in a room, and is wearing a blue University of Florida polo, a black protective face mask, and black gloves.