COVID-19 research at UF Health WE ARE at the forefront of research into infectious diseases.

Over the past decade, the University of Florida has moved into the top tier of research universities by providing world-class faculty across 16 colleges with the resources they need to produce groundbreaking research and useful new products. UF Health, the university’s academic health center, plays a leading role in UF’s research enterprise, generating 52 percent of total research awards.

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Certain compounds may block coronavirus from cells, UF Health researcher finds

Computer simulations run by a University of Florida Health researcher have shown that three compounds appear to have the potential to block cells from being infected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

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Study by UF neurointensivists details potential neurologic complications of severe respiratory viruses

A new study by University of Florida Health neurocritical care experts offers insight into potential neurologic complications of severe respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, and could help guide diagnosis and treatment…

UF Health researcher explains new challenges to testing treatments during an outbreak

Researchers testing new treatments and vaccines amid a disease outbreak, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, face a number of challenges. Unpredictability in size, geographic location and the duration of the…

UF Health researchers donate gloves, masks and other PPE to support frontline colleagues

Researchers from across the University of Florida and UF Health have joined an urgent effort to collect and donate personal protective equipment, or PPE, to build upon existing stockpiles in…

Early findings from COVID-19 testing in The Villages® encouraging; experts urge vigilance

University of Florida Health experts and their collaborators completed over 2,000 COVID-19 tests in The Villages® last week, and while the number of positive cases is still low, experts urge…

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Sonja Rasmussen, M.D., M.S. in HCP Live…

Sonja Rasmussen, M.D., M.S. quoted in HCP Live on the effects of COVID-19 in children and considerations for pediatric healthcare workers.

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Steven Munger explains to CNN how to test your…

Steven Munger, Director of the Center for Smell and Taste, explains “the jellybean test” to CNN.

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John Lednicky, Ph.D. in NewScientist

John Lednicky, Ph.D. discusses the transmission patterns among coronaviruses and explains how people might contract COVID-19 through similar patterns…

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UF researchers respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read about the latest University of Florida research related to coronavirus.

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