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Mike Holloway

If you're hesitant to get the vaccine, don't believe all the conspiracy theories that are going on out there. You know, this is an effort to help everybody get healthy and stay healthy. So please put all your fears aside and go get the vaccine.

Jenny Rowland

Getting vaccinated was a perfect 10 opportunity to protect myself, my family and Gator Nation.

Mary Wise

One of our core values in our program is to be other oriented. In this way, getting the vaccine — it truly is being other-oriented. Don't do it for yourself, do it for others.

Una Conversación sobre la vacuna del COVID-19

Dr Lauzardo, Una Conversación sobre la vacuna del COVID-19 (A Conversation about the COVID -19 Vaccine) La información sobre la vacuna COVID-19 puede ser confusa. Conozca detalles sobre la vacuna a través de una conversación con el Dr. Michael Lauzardo de UF Health y UF/IFAS Extension.

Gators Get Vaccinated!

From the director of Screen, Test & Protect: Dear Campus Community, April has always been my favorite month. The weather is unbeatable, another school year is close to being in the books, and, well, it’s when I mark my birthday. After passing so many “speed limit” birthdays, I am surprised…

Hope on the horizon

I hope you are all doing well. Since my last message two weeks ago, the unprecedented drop in new cases of COVID-19 has stopped, both locally and on campus. There is no clear pattern, just a plateau in cases over the last two weeks. At the moment, whether this is…

UF Health Jacksonville Visitation Policy Update

Leadership and medical staff recognize that visitor and family presence is important to our patients’ medical and psychological well-being, providing comfort and assisting in the healing process. Limitations to visitation are continuously re-evaluated based on the risk of COVID-19 and in consideration of patient, family and health care providers.

Updated Adult Hospitals Visitation Policy

Effective March 9, 2021 at 7 a.m., we are updating our visitation policy for our adult hospitals:   Adult Hospital Visitor Policies Two designated adult visitors will be allowed for the duration of the adult patient’s stay and must rotate so there is only one designated visitor at a time.If an…

COVID-19 Update: Changes and our path forward with vaccinations

Dear Campus Community, In light of all the loss, suffering and costs imposed on humanity by the pandemic, it is easy to dismiss that the inability to indulge in the simpler comforts and routines of our lives all exact a toll that is difficult to measure. For me one of…