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John Lednicky, Ph.D. in NewScientist

John Lednicky, Ph.D. discusses the transmission patterns among coronaviruses and explains how people might contract COVID-19 through similar patterns and scenarios.

Dr. Joe McNamara featured by FirstCoast News

Dr. Joe McNamara offers up advice for beating anxiety and settling on sleep in these uncertain times. Dr. McNamara advises: “…counting sheep does not work,” and offers up other, effective techniques for finding slumber land.

Dr. Natalie Dean talks timelines in the Washington Post

Dr. Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at the University of Florida, provides select timeline details of symptoms for COVID-19 sufferers and urges caution when discussing any immediate effectiveness of physical distancing, shelter-in-place and other guidelines.

UF Researcher Ira Longini quoted at length by CNN

Dr. Ira Longini is quoted at length by CNN. He offers up epidemiological analysis and a possible timeline for easing some shelter-in-place guidelines. CNN quotes two other experts who broadly agree with Dr. Longini.

Dr. Robert M. Lawrence in Huffpost

Urges mothers to continue breastfeeding.”Breast milk will continue to provide optimal nutrition and a variety of immunologic factors…”…