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Laurie Whidden, BSN, RN, EMT, RNC-IIC

Pretty much just walked right up, checked in and got the vaccine. I mean it was painless, it was easy to get like any other vaccine for the most part.

Joseph A. Tyndall, MD, MPH

So, the experience has not been bad, actually. Um, you know, the first vaccine that I got maybe 24 hours later I thought I had a headache, but then I realized I had no coffee and I hadn't eaten breakfast at all for 12 hours, so other than that, actually it's been fine.

Sam Overly, BSN, RN

All in all, I ended up feeling fine. I came to work the next day, I did my job, I went home. It's a pretty normal day.

Nicole Iovine, MD, PhD

So today was the day that I got my second vaccination for the COVID virus. I am so happy, I am so glad, that this was made available to me. I feel like there's a huge relief and that the light at the end of the tunnel, that I could finally see it now.

Kent Fuchs, PhD

This is a huge step in keeping our community safe and also in making the university be able to function as we know it can and will in the future.