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Community Champions

Mike Holloway

If you're hesitant to get the vaccine, don't believe all the conspiracy theories that are going on out there. You know, this is an effort to help everybody get healthy and stay healthy. So please put all your fears aside and go get the vaccine.

Jenny Rowland

Getting vaccinated was a perfect 10 opportunity to protect myself, my family and Gator Nation.

Mary Wise

One of our core values in our program is to be other oriented. In this way, getting the vaccine — it truly is being other-oriented. Don't do it for yourself, do it for others.

Norma Jackson

I would see it on TV and I said, "Oh, I can't do that." but it's not as bad as all that and don't go by what somebody else tell you, you come and do it for yourself and you'll know that it, it's not bad.

Doris Wright

I'm 83, 82 years old, I'm high risk, high blood pressure, heart disease, and I want everything that I can get for my health.

Alfred Peoples

Some people might be very leery about, you know, taking the vaccine or the needle, but it's, it's not painful.

Steve Spurrier

The shot felt like a flu shot which I get every year, and there was no precautions, there was no after effects whatsoever. I encourage everybody to get that vaccination as soon as you can.

Emily Benitez, CNA

It was great; it felt nice to know that I got the vaccine and I can potentially influence others to get it as well and lower the COVID spread.

Mike Lauzardo, MD, MSc

I believe in the safety and the effectiveness of the vaccine and that's what really pushed me to go ahead and do this as soon as possible.

David Nelson, MD

Our faculty have worked almost non-stop for ten months, but today, in this next few months, really marks the time that we can start to impact this pandemic and hopefully envision a spring where we don't have COVID filling up our hospitals.