Safety and Cleaning

Housing safety/cleaning measures

UF’s custodial team is continuing to conduct their usual, daily, disinfecting cleaning in areas such as public restrooms, along with doing a deeper disinfecting cleaning in all common/lobby spaces. Daily wiping down of high-touch surfaces in all residence halls includes:

  • Doors, door knobs, handrails, elevator push buttons
  • Desks, tables, chairs, arm rests of chairs
  • Counters, offices, phones, keyboards, laptop keypads in common spaces
  • Bathroom fixtures, toilets, sinks
  • Water fountain push buttons

Areas are being cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths, which are frequently changed and disinfected using Diversey Oxivir TB.

  • Supervisors are monitoring desk area locations to ensure hand sanitizer bottles are kept replenished at the desk and not allowed to run low.
  • Staff are focusing on after-hours cleaning as it relates to areas that are visibly soiled and immediately cleaning those locations.

If students have a cleaning concern in their residence hall, they can submit an iService ticket.

Classroom air exchange quality

UF facilities and their associated air quality play an important role in maintaining a safe workplace. Accordingly, UF Facilities Services recently evaluated the air change per hour rates of more than 350 instructional spaces across campus. The results show that these spaces meet or exceed commonly accepted standards of air changes per hour. Further, these results were reviewed by a team of medical experts at UF Health. UF Health concluded that the levels of air change found within the instructional spaces across campus do not put students or faculty members at risk for COVID-19. We will continue to monitor air exchange rates regularly and will work with faculty and the Registrar’s Office to take instructional spaces falling below standards established by UF Health offline for the spring semester.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Guidelines for routine cleaning and disinfection of community areas at UF, including but not limited to laboratories, classrooms, common sitting areas, meal rooms, etc., are available. Cleaning and disinfection services are available through UF Facilities Services.