Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier: Get Informed About COVID-19 Vaccines

Danny Wuerffel
Former University of Florida Quarterback, Heisman Trophy Winner

Steve Spurrier
Former University of Florida Football Coach and Heisman Trophy Winner

Wuerffel: Coach, we’ve had some great times in The Swamp here, haven’t we?

Spurrier: I tell you what Danny, I was thinking back and I think you lost one game here in 4 years out of 24, 23-1, pretty good record. What
made The Swamp so electric I think was the fans and the players, we love playing here.

Wuerffel: So much about the team and being coached up well to make great plays on and off the field.

Spurrier: That’s exactly right, now lets get coached up about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Wuerffel: That’s right coach, learn. X’s and O’s about vaccination and make an informed decision. Go Gators!