Mike Holloway

Florida Gators Track & Field and Cross Country Head Coach

My experience with getting the vaccine was simple and easy. My appointment was at 11 o’clock. I walked in at 10:54, I was done at 10:56 and I just had to sit down and wait for about 15 minutes and it was good, simple and no problems at all. I chose to get the vaccine because it’s the right thing to do. I think that if we’re going to get better and it’s important that everybody joins in the fight, we have to get vaccinated. We have to continue to mask up. We have to continue to do the things so we can get back to a normal life and our daily routines. If you’re hesitant to get the vaccine, you know, don’t  believe all the conspiracy theories that are going on out there. You know this is an effort to help everybody get healthy and stay healthy. So please put all your fears aside and go get the vaccine. Less