Mary Wise

Florida Gators Volleyball Head Coach

The choice to get the vaccine, that was an easy one. I couldn’t wait. I was trying every way. Where’s the first place I could get it when my name was called, and the decision was because not only did I want to stay safe, but I wanted the people around me to be safe and that’s the only way this goes. It’s the only way we get past it, is by all getting vaccinated. I was fortunate enough to get the vaccine a few weeks back and I’m due for round two next week and literally when I walked in to get the vaccine, I almost fell to my knees in gratitude. I was so grateful after all we have been through and I say we, the volleyball team, the staff, the coaches to play this year, and know that the vaccine is the way out. I’m so grateful to the scientists, to the people that that got us this far. Better than anyone ever. One of our core values in our program is to be other oriented. In this way, getting the vaccine — it truly is being other-oriented. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for others. Gators together, we can do this. Less